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It could have followed Macpherson’s lead in recapturing the

Dale, James Dale ; Mrs. Freeman. Dorothy Lane; Sally Fulton, Margaret Ward ; Richard Fulton, David March: Bob Dale, Leslie Heritage ; Mrs. After Ossian and the specious poems of Macpherson’s imitator Thomas Chatterton were exposed as frauds(2), Wordsworth suggests, we won’t be fooled again, both because we’ve gotten more skilled at spotting forgeries, and because there’s little need for manufactured primeval grandeur when so many spontaneous expressions of essential human nature lie ready to hand, waiting to be collected and distilled from the ballads and folk songs with which and rustic life abounds.By opposing Percy and Macpherson, Wordsworth showed that the primitivist strain in English romanticism might have gone in two very different directions. It could have followed Macpherson’s lead in recapturing the primal through style and rhetoric the names of actual places with a few made up ones, throw in a few 18th century archaisms, and tie it all together with inverted, Homeric sounding syntax, as in this, the opening of a poem called from Ossian:As flies the inconstant sun over Larmon grassy hill so pass the tales of old along my soul by night! When bards are removed to their place, when harps are hung in Selma hall, then comes a voice to Ossian, and awakes his soul! It is the voice of years that are gone! they roll before me with all their deeds! I seize the tales as they pass, and pour them forth in song.Or English Romanticism could have followed Percy in evoking the primal through the suggestiveness and understated eloquence of the traditional ballad, as in the stanza from in the Wood that Wordsworth reproduced in the 1800 preface to Lyrical Ballads to illustrate the power of common language verse:These pretty Babes with hand in handBut never more they saw the ManFor all the bardism that talented poets like Blake and Shelley contributed to English romanticism, there’s the fine counterbalance of Wordsworth’s demonstration, both in his critical writings and in his poetry, of the profundity lying beneath the uncluttered surfaces of the nave arts. To the long list of Wordsworth’s groundbreaking poetic pronouncements and accomplishments, we need to add one more item.

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